Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally! A Survey of California Judges

Every election cycle Republican voters complain about the lack of information regarding judicial candidates appearing on their ballots. Recently, Republican voters were reminded of the power of Judges to make life altering decisions. The ruling of the California Supreme Court in the Gay Marriage cases further underscored the need for Republican voters to have information regarding who they are electing to these important and powerful positions. Judges appointed by RINO Republicans, not by Demunist Commiecrats, were to blame for that fiasco. In an attempt to provide Republican voters with the information they need, the California Republican Lawyers Association has prepared a statewide Republican voter guide on Judges.

Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Judges are initially appointed by the Governor, but subject to yes/no votes in subsequent gubernatorial elections. County Municipal and Superior Court Judges are elected, and these judges are all ostensibly non-partisan.

Thanks to the leadership of Steve Baric and the California Republican Lawyers Association, we have a first time guide to help us vote for judges. The next one, for the November election will be even better.

This is what we need: aggressive leadership from patriot non-RINO Republicans like Baric. I urge you to pass this along to your friends. Let them know there is a guide to voting for judges.

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