Thursday, February 07, 2008

McCain has the GOP Nomination....

....and we are so screwed.

Republicans are so shell-shocked and demoralized by the success of the Bush Derangement Syndrome, they think they can fool the voters by nominating an open-borders, anti-tax cut, anti-free speech, global-warming hysteric, pro-human experimentation "Republican." Which is to say, a Democrat.
But our demoralization isn't because of Bush Derangement Syndrome! It was because of GOP "strategists" like this:
Ken Duberstein was Ronald Reagan's chief of staff from 1988 to 1989 and deputy
undersecretary of labor for Gerald Ford.

Duberstein is very well-connected within the Republican Party.

"McCain is already starting to pull the Republican Party together, with the exception of the radio talk-show wing," Duberstein said.

"And sometimes that wing uses controversy to build listenership. The fact is that John McCain is uniting the Republican Party."

What a DuberDumbass.

Duberstein went on: "People seem to be looking for candidates who can govern. We
are through with simply appealing to the base.

Yes, because amnesty for illegals, pork barrel "stimulus" spending, and the "No Child Left Behind" fiasco were just *so* appealing to the base. I hate to see what DuberDumbass thinks *not* appealing to the base is like.
McCain is trying to reach out to independents, weak Republicans, weak Democrats and conservative Democrats to put together a new governing coalition that is less confrontational."

Duberstein believes McCain's success thus far is a good sign for Republican chances in November.

"People are saying that Washington doesn't work, we have to fix it somehow, and they are looking for people to get the job done," Duberstein said.

"McCain has shown the ability to reach across the aisle and get things done."
What a tool. And sadly, too much of that thinking permeates the GOP hierarchy.

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