Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Berkeley Scumbags

They are up to their usual treason again.

Why, some wonder, do these "progressive" leftists, who are ostensibly pro-homosexual and pro-feminist, make common cause with Islamunists? This happened because the Commiecrats have morphed into Dhimmicrats. Multiculturalism, or cultural Marxism, led them from the old economic Marxism of proletariat vs. bourgeois to a new dichotomy: a romanticized version of the Third World vs. Western Civilization.

The communist lip service to "feminism" and "gay rights", while it contradicts Islam, is just a recruiting tool. If Islam offered the leaders among these traitors real power, they would be all too happy to turn around and throw their "womyn" and homosexual members under the proverbial bus, just as Stalin purged Trotsky when he was no longer useful and became a hindrance.

The Democrat Party has become, in effect, the Demunist Commiecrat Party, attempts by the centrist Democrat Leadership Council to mute this insanity notwithstanding.

Are there still non-traitor, non-communist leftover Democrats? Why of course, in the millions, but they no longer control the Party apparatus. Which is too bad, because I'd rather choose between two positive visions of my California, and my America, rather than finding myself stuck voting Republican simply because they are not traitors.

Howard Dean hinted at such with his message of "outreach", but of course he was so condescending that his message backfired. And of course, he drew the wrath of the two established factions of the Left, the Demunist Commiecrats:

The first are the pseudo-intellectual, appease the enemy, anti-family, neo-pagan sodomites. Their agenda is based upon:
--hatred of the military
--romanticizing of Turd World tinhorns and communist regimes
--hatred of American might and a desire to destroy it
--hatred of the family institution (often stemming from hatred of their fathers, often stemming from their desire to break down the family institution so people will be more dependent upon socialist government)
--hatred of men (if women, or "womyn" as they put it)
--hatred of Judeo-Christian civilization (no gods can come before statism, after all).

These are the big pushers for normalization of homosexuality--far beyond mere tolerance. The family institution and the churches must be denigrated and devalued as much as possible for these people, so statist power and welfare dependency can be maximized.

Many also hide behind phony environmentalism -- global warming hoaxes so that America's standard of living must go down and Americans can be taxed further for phony Kyoto Protocols or United Nations Liliputians to hamstring the American Gulliver. Meanwhile, the communist regimes they apologized for and even supported created ecological nightmares beyond anything in the Western World.

Many of these are still communists from their 1960's days. Even further back, you occasionally run into old Wobblies who still remember their first vote for Norman Thomas or Gus Hall or Henry Wallace. These people could be said to be the Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich supporters.

The second are the welfare sucking, quota filling, parasite, whitey-hating racist hypocrites. Increasingly these types are hating Jewish and Asian Americans as well (and people who vote Democrat in those two ethnic groups had better start getting wise to that.)
Their agenda is based upon:
--a sense that the world owes them a living
--hypocritical racist tribalism
--hatred of America and all it stands for, which is now leading some of them into Islam.

Like the pseudo-intellectual sodomites mentioned first, they also feature romanticizing of Turd World tinhorns and communist regimes, but it is more based upon "getting back at the Man" rather than any genuine belief that these Turd World and communist regimes were any good.

Unlike the pseudo-intellectual sodomite pagan Left above, they often DO have a religion, warped as it is, and they often do try to hide their treason in religion, a la Jesse Jackson. Think also of a scumbag like Al Sharpton here.

The latter type of Demunist Commiecrat is now the driving force behind open borders and masses of illegal aliens -- in the hope that a larger underclass can be imported with which to foment their treason and get more non-whites who can be induced to hate whitey, as well as a general desire to undermine the laws of the land.

Unfortunately, there are also "Republican" business interests who unwittingly feed the parasite industry simply for short term cheap labor needs, even if in the long run it could very well undermine the economy of the state and the nation as a whole.

I don't blame the illegal aliens per se--after all, wouldn't you get out of a Turd World pesthole if you could? However, they are being manipulated by the anti-American Left, and many of them are simply a net loss rather than a net benefit to the nation. For that reason, immigration must be strictly controlled and illegal aliens must be deported when possible, legal aliens can stay if they can somehow prove their service to the nation (in the military, or as productive workers). I wish the Bushyrovies would get this point, but sadly they live in a delusion of victory through Hispandering.

I suppose that there are other types of leftist scum --sniveling college pukes who have yet to outgrow adolescent rebellion, cynical political panderers, bong smoke animal anthropomorphizing theorists who think the lab rats should run the research labs, sexual libertines who define "freedom" as the ability to put anything in one's mouth or anus without consequence and then demand socialized medicine when the inevitable consequences follow, etc., but essentially there are only two types of Demunist Commiecrat leaders to worry about.

Unfortunately, in Barack Obama, these two types may have their synthesis candidate.

If you vote for Demunists, you aren't just a dupe who still believes in socialism, or a welfare bum who opportunistically wants a handout. No, you, Commiecrat voter, are a full blown traitor.

We have defeated the Communists abroad, but a Leftover Fifth Column of them infiltrated academia, the legal profession, most charitable foundations, most governmental bureaucracies, and one of the two major political parties.

I will restate again: Are there still non-traitor, non-communist leftover Democrats? Why yes of course, millions of them. However, they no longer control the Party apparatus. Which is too bad, because I'd rather choose between two positive visions of my California, and my America, rather than finding myself stuck voting Republican simply because they are not traitors.

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