Monday, March 18, 2013

Abolish the Minimum Wage!

That's right, abolish it entirely. No, wages won't drop that much, if at all, since people still need to be paid enough to not quit.

Why? Because I am a heartless guy? No, because the whole thing is an ecomomic swindle.

Mandating the minimum wage be raised, in the absence of bringing down the other costs of doing business, is nothing but an inflation trap for the suckers. If the producers just raise the prices of goods and services to make up for the additional payments they have to make, then what are the minimum wage workers left with? As the saying / song goes, we are left "running to stand still"....

So you think you can mandate more wages be paid out? And you think that those costs don’t get passed on to you as the end consumer?

Since this typically affects fast food workers, think about what has happened to the cost of said fast food, in just a few short years.

Remember the Carl’s Jr. “Six Dollar Burger” promo–a high end sit-down restaurant burger at a fast food half price? It isn’t half the formerly $6 price anymore, is it? Now it is about $6.

Soon the extra value fast food meals, which a few years ago were $5-$6 and are now about $8-$9, will be $12-$14.

And then those who demand “a living wage” will say they need even more.

“Running to stand still”, as the U2 song goes. They demand more wage money, but they never do anything to lower the cost of the inputs other than labor, in fact, they jack those up too, with various “green” mandates.

Stagflation, here we come.

That is from the worker's perspective. Now, for the small business owner's perspective:

"When your a small business owner & your paying out the ass for health insurance, your Judy trying to survive.
Sure, you can have a million dollar account but if your profit margin is 3% then what's the point of even staying around & employing people.

It's not just the "worker" that is the back bone of our country, it's also the people who have vision & drive to stick their necks out & get loans & contracts with the hope of building something."

The entrepreneurs are most impacted by these rules, and we wonder why they decide to seek their fortunes elsewhere. This is then called "Exporting jobs". Which begs the question of who really did the exporting. Who really drove the cost of labor, and other costs of doing business, way way up.

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