Thursday, January 05, 2012

"Keep Your Hands Off My Medicare!"

Yes, there were senior citizens who opposed Obamacare who held up signs like that, and yes, the Leftists mocked them, as Medicare is a government program.

But the leftist mockery says more about the Leftists than it does about the senior citizens.

MediCare was supposed to be "self-financing" from the workers' payroll, right? Remember that, liberals? So you leftist statists were lying about that too, weren't you? Just like you lied about everything else, from the New Deal to the Great Society to the current Obamunism.

Meanwhile, Obamacare effectively dumps younger people who never paid a lifetime into Medicare into the program, increasing demand, and cuts payments to doctors, decreasing supply, while controlling prices. All of which means the existing seniors will get short shrift. You think they are not supposed to notice that, liberals? Really?

Or are they just supposed to do what you tell them to?

Just when the facts are that the retirement ages will have to be raised because people are living longer and there are fewer young workers in proportion to elderly retirees, Obamacare blatantly disregards these two inevitable facts.

And those who rely on Medicare *now* are supposed to just lay back and think of heaven, to which the New Obama oversight (rationing) panel will bring them to that much sooner.

Really, Leftists? You want to keep thinking you can pull off this crap? Even the naive elderly, who were raised on The New Deal and The Great Society, see through you now.

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