Saturday, June 04, 2011

Illegal aliens: The REAL racism

Some time ago, supporters of open borders lost the debate. The majority of Americans want them closed — now! We are sick of the utterly dishonest slurs that we are "anti-immigrant," "racist," "protectionist" and "nativist." And noisy communist-inspired May Day parades with Mexican flags, American flags turned upside down or defaced, and treasonous rhetoric from the National Council of La Raza ("The Race") only turn more people off.

It doesn't do any good, either, for a Mexican government functionary to cry about how "mean-spirited" we are to want a secure border with Mexico. Most Americans also tuned that out long ago.

We know instead that Mexico cares mostly about sending north those it won't or can't feed and house — so it can skim off from them billions in remittances once they arrive in the United States.

Mexico's kleptocrat rulers, of course, could reform the country's corrupt laws and economy that is punitive to Mexican entrepreneurs whenever it wants. But it changes only enough to draw in tourists or Americans looking to buy vacation homes, not to better the lives of millions of its mestizo poor in the heartland.

And just who *are* the real racists? The Reconquista traitors, and those who want more of their own race imported, regardless of what is good for America as a whole.

Nowadays, worry about illegal immigration is just as likely to mean that African-Americans are terrified of racist alien gangs in Los Angeles, who have even begun randomly shooting African Americans.

There is an undeclared brown on black war going on, in the Los Angeles and Oakland high schools, which increasingly are nothing but preparation for the prison system for the youths involved, where the same race war goes on behind bars.

Meanwhile, Asian-Americans are frustrated that their relatives with doctorate degrees wait years to emigrate legally, while thousands of illiterates without grade school education, let alone high-school diplomas, simply break the law to enter the United States across the Mexican border.

And many Mexican-Americans are probably tired of being expected to defend the indefensible of foreign nationals breaking immigration laws simply because they may share an ethnic heritage with illegal aliens.

Dishonest Democrat candidates can't really claim that redneck racists are rushing to the border to clash with poor campesinos just crossing to better their lives, because frankly many poor Democrat voters also resent how illegal labor drives down their own wages. It is mostly the American poor and middle class who worry about the sudden influx of thousands who don't speak English and often need public assistance.

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