Friday, November 05, 2010

Obama Press conference: Speak slower, be condescending

How about that Obama press conference? So far Obama's major nod to defeat the other night is to speak slower as if we are all too dumb to understand his awesome statism.

Beyond that? He says he's looking forward to hear ideas from Republicans. Yeah, right. Just like when he said, "I won", and shot any GOP proposals about health insurance down. Difference this time...he didn't win.

He says answers aren't to be found on bumper sticker. THIS, from the Guy who coined "Yes we can".

Big Takeaway...Obama rejects notion that his policies were rejected by voters last night. Says his policies are not moving the nation backwards, rejects notion that was message of last night. It would have been much shorter and much more honest if he just said what he really wants to say, "Let me be clear, I'm still awesome. If you aren't smart enough to get that, it's on you not me."

He's not going the Clinton way. After the Great Political Upchuck of 1994, Bill Clinton realized that the Far Left Way wasn't going to work. He sacked the most leftist of his advisers (does anybody remember the radical Ms. Achtenberg, Mr. Cisneros, Ms. Elders, Mr. Reich, Ms. Shalala? All of whom had to leave under clouds of scandal and disgust) and Billy Jeff put in pragmatic types as replacements. In the end, although loathsome to many Conservatives on a personal level, Billy Jeff did a couple of downright Conservative acts: (1) welfare curtailment and reform, and (2) cutting the capital gains tax rates in half, from 28/20% short/long to 15/10%, fueling the investment boom of the mid to late 1990s. The Obamunists have undone the former under ARRA, which extends unemployment and other benefits indefinitely, and the Obamunists are poised to undo the latter next year.

But Bill Clinton wasn't all about Leftist Marxism. Bill Clinton was all about--Bill Clinton.

Obama at 1:20: "Let's not relitigate the past." Obama at 1:24: "We already had a large deficit, which I inherited." (and which Obama octupled!)

2nd question..."Hey, you're really not taking any responsibility here. Should voters think you "don't get it"???". Here's where the Obamunist petulance starts to show. He's basically saying, "aw, it was tough and people don't get how awesome I am". He also said they did so much because it was an emergency. Gee, governments never justify power grabs under the guise of an 'emergency' or anything.

3rd question...About that repealing health care thing and starting over. Obama says, let's not re-fight the last two years, let's move on to more awesome stuff. Yeah, good luck with that. Shockingly, he just doesn't get it.

4th question...You know that more big spending for jobs is history, right? So what are you going to do? Answer...pretty much the same as what he did before. He's just running down his same old list of projects for like the 5th time. He just doesn't get it....taking from the productive to make work for the unproductive *still* doesn't work. 
There was more, but I stopped watching.

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