Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Barbara Boxer, Carly Fiorina, and "Outsourcing Jobs"

I was disappointed with Carly's performance in the first senatorial debate against the Bolshevik Barbara Boxer. Then again, I was disappointed with Carly's winning the primary.
And of course, Barbara Boxer brought up the canard about Carly Fiorina "exporting jobs" when she was running Hewlett-Packard.
And the wench Boxer really doesn’t get that her taxation and her mandates and her lawsuits drove businesses out of this land, does she? Wow.

Businesses leave our shores for cheap labor, the commiecrats say? Which begs the question of who drove up the cost of labor?

Who did that? THEY did.

Leftists, when you have made business into something to be excessively taxed for your welfare state, do not expect the businessmen and women to remain here. Do not expect them to stay in America and lose their money for the purpose of becoming the fodder of National Health Care. Do not expect them to produce, when production of goods and services is punished with ever higher statist demands. Do not ask, “Who is exporting the jobs?” You are.
You may notice the corporations *are not* going to Venezuela, where bandito commie leftover Hugo Chavez will steal from them, or to Afghanistan, where they might get blown up, or to Outer Mongolia, where there isn't any infrastructure to support industry.
Industry goes where the dealing is good. Either improve the situation for them here, or be prepared to watch them leave.
A huge part of why they leave, and of the cost of labor, is taxation. Deal with it. Tax a corporation? When it can't pass on the costs in higher prices, it moves. Even the Eurosocialists, who have high individual taxes up the wazoo, have low corporate ones.
If you want to have some protectionism to keep businesses here, then argue for that and accept the higher costs of products at home, and possible retaliation abroad.

Or go unionize workers over there.
But quit pretending that adding to the costs of doing business *here*, such as:
--business bashing "windfall profits" taxes (sorry, profit is GOOD)
--"Affirmative Action" (sorry, soft racism *is* bad)
--or the Global Warming carbon tax fraud (sorry, Carbon Dioxide is GOOD for plants)
--or higher taxation in general
doesn't encourage them to leave. Because it does. Period.

It is amusing to see Leftists chide patriots for "living in the 1950's" (culturally), when they definitely live in the 1950's economically--and which forces do people have more control over? Hint: not economic ones. The very businesses the Left thinks are omnipotent--all the while hating them--are at the mercy of economic forces too.

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