Monday, March 22, 2010

Socialized Medicine is voted in....

Evil Otto sums it up:

Well, they did it. The House passed that 2000 page monstrosity called "health care reform." They had to sell their souls to do it, they had to go against the will of the American people, they had to pull in every favor and twist every arm they could, but they did it.

What is amazing about the supporters of this bill is just how gullible they are. In arguing with them, they're either complete Kool-Aid drinking idiots, or they're simply liars. I'm more and more convinced that it's the latter. They know what this will result in, but they can't say it. they can't tell the truth about what they want, because they know how horrifying it sounds to the Average person. Here's what they claim, with s straight face:

•This program will reduce the deficit. Despite there being no government entitlement program that has EVER reduced the deficit even one dime, this one will. Despite Obama having run up the largest annual deficit in United States history, this care program will reduce the deficit.

•This program will not destroy the private health care insurance industry or result in a single payer system, despite Obama and numerous other Democrats flatly saying that that is their ultimate goal.

•This program won't be expanded beyond all measure, despite every other government entitlement program having been expanded beyond all measure over time, and despite future congresses not being bound in any way by the rules set forth in this one.

•This program will result in more people having access to more and better health care, without rationing or so-called "death panels," and without increasing the deficit (see above), despite increasing the number of people on Medicare and decreasing the payments to doctors on Medicare, insuring rationing.

•The American people are in favor of the bill, despite numerous polls that say exactly the opposite.

•That this won't violate our civil rights, despite rules that one must either buy health insurance, pay a fine, or go to jail.

I can't even really get angry at the lying bastards in Washington who passed this... it's what they are. Like the old tale of the scorpion, it's their nature. I get more angry at the useful idiots who believe them, and who spout their falsehoods with a straight face and somehow expect you to be as fooled as they are.

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