Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Mohammed Day--What is wrong with these pictures?

Because we must not live in fear. Thanks to S.Weasel!

Here are some very respectful drawings of Muhammed, drawn by---wait for it---Muslims themselves in ancient times.

It turns out that the tradition of not picturing Mohammed is a relatively recent one - one that really only appeared in the 1600's. So for almost a thousand years after Mohammed's death, it was acceptable and even common in some Muslim regions to draw him in full form. During the Caliphate period there were even coins minted with his face on them.

So behavior that radical Islamist savages insist on today in western countries are actually traditions that got added to Islam long after it was founded.

But never mind those pictures--how about these? Cairo University, Class of 1959:

Cairo University, Class of 1978:

So far, so good, eh? Keep going. Cairo University, Class of 1995:

Cairo University, Class of 2004:

What is wrong with these pictures? Look at the women. They're going backward, not forward. By 2004, they are all pressured into wearing covering. See also here.

And if we reject assimilation and push the poison of "multiculturalism", what happens to immigrants from Egypt and other Muslim majority countries in the USA?

The wages of "multiculturalism" is cultural suicide. Mark Steyn hits the nail on the head:

Whenever I give a speech on Islam, some or other complacenik always says, "Oh, but they haven't had time to Westernize. Just you wait and see. Give it another 20 years, and the siren song of Westernization will work its magic." This argument isn't merely speculative, it's already been proved wrong by what's happened over the last 20 years. Compare the Cairo University class of 1959 with those of the 21st century, and then see if you can recite your inevitablist theories of social evolution with a straight face. The idea that social progress is like the wheel or the internal combustion engine -- once invented, it can never be uninvented -- is one of the laziest assumptions of the Western Left.

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