Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some media questions for Barack Obama

If you shake your head in amazement and wonder why a vast majority of Americans aren't demanding that the president, most of his cabinet, all of his czars, and a significant percentage of House and Senate members be criminally investigated, you still haven't grasped the power of the liberal lamestream media. This power has diminished somewhat, as many wise up and turn to talk radio and blogging to vent their frustrations and the Tea Party Movement grows, but the lamestream media power is still strong.
This is why hardly any one in the media is talking about the government criminal behavior that is being uncovered.  The reason, of course, is that the Culture of Corruption (Michelle Malkin's scathing indictment of most of the Obama criminalweb) in Washington, at a minimum, goes unreported by most of the major newspapers and magazines, as well as the major TV networks.

And the reason for this is that Obama and his cronies have proven to be masters at implementing the strategy of one of the greatest propagandists of the 20th century, Josef Goebbels.  Said Hitler's infamous propaganda minister: "Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play."

None of the criminality of the Obama administration would be possible without the explicit (or, at the very least, implicit) approval of the media. Can you imagine a presidential press conference where, instead of asking the Obamunist about his dogs or his latest demogogue whitey "beer summit", they asked him questions such as:

"You told Joe the Plumber that you believe in spreading the wealth around. Since the Constitution doesn't allow you to do that, from whom did you acquire the moral authority to take people's earnings by force and arbitrarily hand them to others?"

"You are on video in 2003 saying that you believe in a single-payer healthcare system. Why are you now telling the American public that you merely want a 'government option' added to our existing system?  Were you lying in 2003, or are you lying now?"

"How do you reconcile the fact that, within a short space of time, you said that the Medicare system is a perfect example of how well government programs can work, then turned right around and said that Medicare is broke?"

"Why would you appoint an avowed communist, Van Jones, as "green czar?" Did you know that he was a communist before you appointed him? Was he properly vetted? Since communism seeks to destroy capitalism, isn't his appointment a clear indication that you would like to destroy capitalism?"

"Throughout your life, you have, by your own admission, associated most closely with people like Frank Marshall Davis (another communist), Reverend Jeremiah Wright (an advocate of "black liberation theology"), Bill Ayers (a convicted terrorist who stills says that he wished his group, the Weather Underground, would have done more), and Marxist professors (in college). Given these associations and your extreme liberal voting record in the Senate, weren't you being disingenuous with the American public when you tried to position yourself as a mainstream American in the last presidential election campaign?"

"Who, exactly, writes these thousand-page bills that keep getting rammed through Congress on short notice, and why do you not insist that all congressmen and women read them before voting on them?"

"Most of what you have done since you gained office is in violation of the Constitution. The Tenth Amendment specifically states that "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." In other words, the federal government has no powers other than those specifically granted to it by the seven Articles of the Constitution. Knowing this to be so, how do you justify violating the Constitution on a daily basis?"

"Since thousands of creditable scientists throughout the world say that global warming either does not exist or, if it does exist, it is not manmade, why are you determined to push through a cap and trade bill that will kill American businesses and jobs, dramatically raise taxes, and increase the cost of energy?"

"Why is Tom Daschle, whose tax problems were apparently so severe that he withdrew his nomination for Secretary for Health and Human Services, still coming to the White House and giving you advice on a regular basis while at the same time working for the law and lobbying firm of Alston & Bird and giving advice to UnitedHealth, the nation's largest health insurance company?"

From the $410 billion omnibus bill (with 9,000 earmarks) to the $800 billion "stimulus package" ... from Cash for Clunkers to insulting and dismissing American taxpayers who disagree with his policies ... from appointing a total of thirty six "czars" who do not answer to either the Congress or American taxpayers to bringing criminally infested ACORN into the White House to take over the census ... the stench of government corruption can be smelled throughout the land.

Being the clever devil that he is, to avoid ever having to answer such questions, Barack Hussein Obama apparently made a strategic decision to put a great deal of his creative energy into his pals at the lamestream press.  Goebbels would have loved it.

But perhaps I'm giving him too much credit. Maybe it's the press, on its own, that made a conscious decision, early on, to ignore any wrongdoing on the part of this galling young truth-twister because they have waited so long for an unapologetic "progressive" to slip into the White House with a super majority in Congress to back up his dastardly deeds.

If the media did make a conscious decision to become a government keyboard, they should think about that old maxim: Be careful what you wish for, or you may get it. If people get the government they deserve, the press surely is not immune to the same fate.

When wrongdoings evolve into atrocities, I wonder if any left-wing media pawns will turn to the black market to buy up copies of F.A. Hayek's Road to Serfdom in an effort to figure out how they were duped into participating in their own enslavement.

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