Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Tea Parties and The Liberal Media

On April 15, 2009, something happened that has not happened before in the memory of living Americans. For the first time, Middle America took part in a mass national protest. Millions of people actually got off their butts and took a public "right wing" stand about something.

In the recent past, the national stage was filled with white-hating Black protests like the "Million Man March" (sic), illegal alien sedition and treason protests, man-hating so called "feminist" protests, gay and lesbian protests, etc. -- all of them smaller than the Tea Parties, all of them with much more top-down organization than the Tea Parties, and all of them "progressive" or "Politically Correct" (barf). The liberal mainstream media reported on these ad nauseum, and quite sympathetically.

This time, however, something happened that scared and enraged the largely liberal and often anti-American national media. Middle America (the ones deemed stupid and racist by the national lamestream media) actually stood up in a mass protest of our government's irresponsible use of tax dollars.

As newsworthy as this is, however, most of the national media ignored the mass protests or had their reporters dismiss them as racist-driven media events. The New York Times and other major newspapers buried reports of the Tea Parties in the back pages. Where there was coverage, it was hostile. A CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, asked a protester a question, interrupted his answer, and started barraging him with Politically Correct questions and a semi-lecture. Was she fired? No. Why would they fire her? She was doing what she was sent out to do.

(UPDATE 7/16/09: I was wrong, CNN has let her go! I have to give them credit for that.
More from Ace Of Spades here)

Actress and "Air America" (sic) bitch Janeane Garafalo opined that the whole Tea Party phenomenon was planned and attended by people who don't want to support our "Black"president. In other words, the Tea Parties are racist. That is ridiculous, but typical of the Commiecrat Left.

However, there IS a racial aspect to the Tea Parties, but not the aspect that the dishonest bitch will ever admit. Decent Middle Americans are tired of paying for the race-based "Affirmative Action" welfare plantations that leftist politicians and people like Garafolo have used and continue to use for political power. For years, decent and honest people who pointed this out were smeared by Garafolo and her media allies. But perhaps the times are changing. Perhaps a significant number of decent Americans are no longer willing to be afraid to speak out for fear of being called racist. Perhaps they are beginning to see that they are actually the victims of reverse racism more often than not. Perhaps they are tired of being identified as American villains and as the world's villains.

Middle America has had to bear the brunt of the racial and economic problems that the Left has foisted upon America for the last two decades (in other words, ever since the Left's idealized Sandinistas and Soviets fell apart and they changed tactics and focused upon the Achilles Heel of race relations). It is just possible that Middle America is starting to wake up. And this despite most television networks either ignoring the protests or dealing with them in a dishonest and condescending manner. Having been denigrated, robbed of their rights, and indoctrinated in "multicultural" (multicommunist) guilt, Middle America has for two decades been on the retreat. Perhaps that is changing.

So what finally got these people concerned? No, Janeane Garafolo, it wasn't anxiety about "people of color", you lying bitch. In fact, the Asian American and Mexican and other Hispanic American people in my area who run businesses were there in droves too. No, what got these people concerned was and still is the ways their tax dollars are being used. They are tired of their money being stolen by the government for things of which they disapprove. Of course, the liberal Demunists and RINO Republicans in the government have always used taxpayers' dollars to support their own political and social agendas. But now we are in an economic crisis, and the great masses appear to be paying attention.

For example, anyone with half a brain understands that the threat of Affirmative Action legal shakedowns (the stick), combined with indulgent underwriting by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the carrot), led banks to grant loans to too many people who could not pay them back. In addition, politically rigged unions and poor management have led some of our leading industries into near bankruptcy. George Bush responded to these two crises with an allegedly one-time bailout for failing financial institutions and for the struggling automobile industry. However, Barack Obama took this many steps further, and by spending more money at one time than had been spent in total by all other presidential administrations in our history, guaranteed that generations to come will be strapped by a monstrous, insurmountable debt. Why? In order to bolster our economy on a short-term basis. In addition to wild spending of an unprecedented nature, Obama also fired the CEO of an auto company and essentially gave control of the company to the U.S. government. Since then, the U.S. government has enacted policies that require banks to go under government control.

According to polls, the American people disapproved of bailouts, discovering in the process that what the American people want is irrelevant to America's national politicians. Nobody comes to bail out Middle America, do they? In truth, no government in history, American or otherwise, has ever been able to spend itself out of debt and out of deflation without paying for it a short time later with massive inflation. Since nobody seemed to be listening, a sizable number of people who understand this fact took to the streets.

Finally, many Americans are beginning to see that the government's policy is not about wise stewardship of their tax dollars but about ushering in more government control. So middle class Americans are finally protesting. They don't seem any longer willing to put up with their tax dollars being used to lower prosperous and hard-working middle class citizens into the level of poverty. The American middle class is tired of subsidizing both the failed rich and the criminal poor. They are also tired of their tax dollars being used to support a welfare system for illegal aliens and trashy people of all colors that threaten to take over American institutions and culture by virtue of higher birth rates. More power to these awakening Americans.

Of course, the American people often respond to governmental actions the way the liberal media leads them to respond. But it didn't work in the case of the scamnesty bill pushed by George Bush and Congress, and it wouldn't have worked in the case of bailout bills and liberal pet project funding pushed by Barack Obama and Congress if the people had a greater knowledge of economics.

There is however, one problem with the Tea Parties. There are plans to have the next ones on July 4? If this is not done early enough, it will conflict with privately scheduled parties with friends and family in a way that April 15 did not. As a result, they will be noticeably smaller, and the liberal media will write the Tea Parties off as just a one-day exercise of energy by people who have been beaten down so long by the media that they expended all they had on April 15.

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