Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why has the West declined?

Whiskey has an answer, and it is an interesting one, combining economics, demographics, and human sexuality. I'm not so sure about his argument, but I think he missed out on an major opportunity when he didn't have his post ready in time for Valentine's Day:

But these cultural Marxists don't have magical powers of "evil." If people find their ideas deeply attractive, something must be deep at work all over the West, to transform society so clearly and completely in less than fifty years.

Rather than some magical powers of persuasion, unstoppable, or deep conspiracy, or anything of that nature, what has happened all over the West, from Japan and Coastal China to Italy to Norway to the United States, is a broad set of changes, mostly demographic, that have tilted the West towards Multiculturalism, political correctness, and general weakness in all areas along with a general cultural collapse in music, arts, entertainment, and morals.

These broad trends are:
--A huge increase in wealth, through global manufacturing, spurring a global consumer environment
--The collapse of manufacturing in the West
--The so-called "Gentry" of Western nations becoming impossibly rich, and therefore influential outside their limited numbers
--The decline of the middle and working classes in the West
--The Pill, Condom, increased female earning, and anonymous urban living, leading to the death of the nuclear family
--The fragmentation of unifying mass communication institutions and media
--Consumerism, advertising, marketing, and mass media becoming a gay and female ghetto
--Lack of "affordable family formation" leading to hedonism instead of old Western cultural values

Let us examine these factors, and see how they created the decline of the West by undermining the West's fundamental advantage: how people cooperate, in high-trust networks, stemming from widespread nuclear families. Since the secret of the West's advance for nearly a thousand years, from 1000 AD to 1965 or so, is the story of the spreading and deepening of the nuclear family and the resulting cooperation among people in nation-states, driving ever greater increases in wealth, technology, and military, social, and cultural power.

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