Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PETA's ironic Google Ad

These are people who want us to eat like we lived under the rule of Pol Pot, then they can impose that sort of rule upon us--all for our own good, of course.
I used to think these people were naive bambi-ists who never had a pet cat. (Seriously, cats will teach you just how cruel and carnivorous nature is). And for some of these liberal dupie-dupes, that is the case.
But as for the ringleaders like Ingrid Newkirk? She and her kind are not dumb. They know perfectly well that Mother Nature can be a real bitch. They like it that way. They want everyone (except themselves) to be poor. They hate humanity. Really, they do.
Talk to an "animal rights" liberal. Talk to many people on the Left, for that matter. See if they can get through two minutes of conversation without making some kind of insulting remark about Americans or some self-loathing remark about humans in general. Liberals hate the world as it is, and hate other people. They have their own fantasy of how things should be, and loathe the real world because it isn't their fantasy.
Think of how often they fantasize about American defeat in Iraq, which would mean the death of millions. You doubt that? Remember how the older ones among them cheered American defeats in South Vietnam and Cambodia, which meant the deaths of millions.
Think about how they prefer plants and animals to people. Think about how much contempt and hatred they have for every aspect of modern American life.
They are pure, distilled evil. They want you to die. And sadly, they are now in control of many levels of government and the media in our country.

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