Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Global Warming Fraud: A few facts

Man-caused "global climate change" is a scam that makes a few liars rich while stirring up mindless masses. Don't believe me? Well, look up a few facts for yourself:

--Just over 97 percent of the carbon dioxide in the air is created GEOLOGICALLY by the earth itself.

--If you laid a pipeline 3,000 miles long from Los Angeles to New York City, then isolated all of the carbon dioxide in that pipe, it would occupy just over one mile. If you separated out the CO2 caused by some form of human activity, the pipe to hold it would be about 158 feet--less than twice the length of my home lot.

--And as to methane, there's even less methane in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, and most of that too is naturally created, unless you really want to quibble about farting cows--or humans, for that matter.

--In other words, it is physically impossible for manmade gases in the air to cause any significant effect on the climate. The sun, cosmic radiation from deep space, and north-south wind patterns are have far more impact on polar ice cap freezing or melting conditions. And those are determined by complex solar cycles and other factors unrelated to human activity.

--Norway recently reported [that the] North Atlantic ice pack in Spring 2008 was the heaviest in many years.

--Last year, Denmark reported the ice pack between Greenland (a Danish territory) and Iceland was heavier in Spring 2007 than any other year since the early 1900s.

With these simple facts in mind, understand that the notion that the polar caps are disappearing is a myth propagated by people with an agenda - not a fact presented by people telling the truth.

Tom Scheffelin, a mechanical engineer with the California Air Resources Board, said: "If we allow science to become politicized, then we are lost. When government policy is based on the misinformation of the few, the many will suffer. Engineering and science must be above reproach to support societal decisions. The erroneous scientific consensus regarding global warming is a tool to eliminate necessary debate and stifles future scientific progress."

I'll leave it to you to read some of the tens of thousands of articles that have been written on this contentious subject. All I wish to point out here are two things:

First, the earth will undoubtedly go through thousands of cooling and warming cycles in the coming thousands of years - long after you and I are gone and perhaps long after human beings are extinct or have moved on to another celestial habitat--who knows? More ice ages, such as the one that occurred some 10,000 years ago, are inevitable. Likewise, record-high global heat waves, such as the one that brought about the great Dust Bowl era of 1931-1939, are also inevitable.

The only thing that is scientifically certain (well ... almost certain) is that the earth will ultimately be incinerated as the sun expands into a Red Giant in its dying phase, only to end up as a frozen ice ball in the darkness of space when the collapses into a White Dwarf. (Some scientists believe that the sun could actually envelope the earth in its last-gasp, expansive phase, which would be a dream come true for the global warmies.)

Second, whenever I reflect on the long view of the earth's fate, it underscores, for me, man's arrogance. Forget that scientist's are now saying that the earth's temperature has not risen at all during the past ten years. Even if the supposed 1 percent increase in temperature over the past 100 years is true, is it not arrogant of us to get in a huff over it? And especially arrogant of politicians - who, by and large, know little or nothing about science - to jump in and insist that they are obliged to further control our lives in an effort to save the planet? As Mr. John Stossel would say, give me a break.

As with all other issues that government and self-anointed saviors of the world stick their noses into, whatever the facts about global warming may be (and the likelihood is that we will never know all the facts), it is an issue that is being used as an excuse to place further controls over your life. The politicization of subjects such as global warming is a far greater threat to the survival of the human race, and certainly to the survival of what is left of the once proud and confident United States of America, than the fact that the temperature of the earth has risen 1 percent over the last century.

Other than that, notwithstanding all the reading I've done on the subject, I don't know a heck of a lot more about it than you do. And, to be blunt, dear reader, I don't think either of us knows very much. But the more important question is, how much do *scientists* really know about this phenomenon? The honest ones will tell you not much, they are still gathering data, and that natural forces dwarf anything industrial man has done.

One would think that there would be a moratorium on the subject until we could get at the clear, unbiased and undivided facts. But, of course, that would put a dagger in the heart the super-emerging "social fascism" that the American (and global) Left embraces more every day.

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