Saturday, June 07, 2008

McClintock's Upset Victory--Wall Street Journal Notices

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal says "Bravo" for Tom McClintock's victory in the 4th Congressional District race.

He attributes McClintock's upset victory over Doug Ose in California's 4th Congressional District to principled conservatives disgust with pork barrel excess, of which Doug Ose was very much a part. True and Fair enough. Ose's heavy-handed smear campaign also generated a backlash among fair-minded conservatives.

However, Mr. Fund and the Wall Street Journal omit the immigration issue as a factor in McClintock's stunning upset victory. Then again, perhaps that is not surprising, given how utterly out of touch the Wall Street Journal is with the Republican base (and the American public in general) on that issue.

Just so Mr. Fund knows, Tom McClintock is very much a "restrictionist", or even a "nativist", to use the Wall Street Journal's own epithets, while his primary opponent Doug Ose continued to condone the "open borders" debacle. Tom McClintock opposes swarms of illegal aliens overcrowding schools, hospitals and other public services, causing crime as rootless migrants are prone to do, and driving blue collar wages down.

I suppose that means that the Wall Street Journal will now write editorials excoriating Tom McClintock. The Wall Street Journal simply refuses to get a clue about the problem that California and many other states are having with excessive legal immigration, let alone illegal immigration, which is per se evil and an undermining of the rule of law and property rights, which ostensibly the Wall Street Journal champions.

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