Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Your State Tax Dollars At Work

From the California Department of Public Health: "Climate Change: Our Health In The Balance."

Even if you buy into the myth of man-made climate change, how is that theatening the public health? It's not like warmer winters are the equivalent of car exhaust.

California's economy is precarious, illegal aliens are draining the public health system dry and reintroducing diseases that used to be nearly eradicated, like tuberculosis and malaria, AIDS still remains a danger, and the Department of Public Health is wasting time with THIS?

The bad thing about a recession is that no one is even talking about the broader impact on the economy of environmental regulation. The most that is discussed is the direct cost to the state of updating fleets or construction costs of new buildings or power plants. Because of that, people don't understand that hobbling businesses with all the new mandates is chopping another 0.5% or 1% off the state's GNP (or GSP, I guess) growth. And, that's in addition to the several percent hit it already takes from existing state and federal regulations. If people knew that, without all that regulatory drag on the economy, their income growth over the last twenty years would be more than double what it has been, they might understand that all of this happy talk to make politicians feel good about themselves comes at a high price.

The state is seriously in the financial hole, and yet this fraud continues. Part of me hopes for a serious recession, just so some people could be jarred into reality….On the other hand, I worry that any recession (or exacerbation of a recession) due to new ecotopian regulations for global laming won't teach any lessons because no one is accustomed to thinking analytically.

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