Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"The New Girl Order"

A really thoughtful article by Kay S. Hymowitz in "CityJournal". Her thesis is that the economy has shifted from industrial production to post-industrial service, and a good many of the new industries (advertising, marketing, publishing, etc.) are tailor made for women, combined with a pattern of marrying later in life.

The social implications of this are striking: falling birthrates, delayed marriages, the rise of single professional women as the target market. Not just in the USA and Western Europe, but now Eastern Europe and much of Asia and Latin America. Notable execptions: the Muslim world and Sub-Saharan Africa.

But two commentators note that there are dark clouds on the horizon:
The new culture celebrates female narcissism in a way unthinkable for males. Future commentators will look back at this time as one utterly indulgent to a generation of women. "However much a man's world it was in 1960, men were never culturally free to place their self interest ahead of the interest of the society to which they belonged. Women today are taught that their greatest duty is to themselves, that their own personal happiness is paramount. It is a system swung out of balance, an overreaction to the limits of the past spurred on by technological changes and economic incentives. Centuries of traditional cultures are being swept away in the blink of an eye and are being replaced by an unsustainable hedonism, an explosion of individualism unchecked by any sense of responsibility. The severing of ties to the past and the rejection of responsibility for the future is how cultures end. I really don’t think Girl Power in the long run will fare very well against Islam."
"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that liberal feminism is a demographic dead end. The new girl order will eventually become the old maids club. Without a doubt the new girl order is going to end up on the trash heap of history."

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