Thursday, September 13, 2007

Al Qaeda -- In Iraq!!!

The New York Times just can't help itself:

And General Petraeus, unruffled in the face of the Congressional grilling, was more than willing to push back. When Representative Gary L. Ackerman, Democrat of New York, suggested the war was not integral to the anti-terror effort since members of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, sometimes called Al Qaeda in Iraq, the homegrown Sunni
Arab extremist group that American intelligence agencies have concluded is foreign-led, is not part of the Qaeda network behind the Sept. 11 attacks, the general offered a quick retort.

“There is no question that Al Qaeda-Iraq is part of the greater Al Qaeda movement,” General Petraeus said.

“Isn’t it true, General, that Al Qaeda in Iraq formed in 2005, two years after we first got there?” pressed Mr. Ackerman.

“Congressman, I’m not saying when it started,” the military commander said. “I’m saying merely that Al Qaeda-Iraq clearly is part of the overall greater Al Qaeda network.”

So the "foreign led" outfit that Zarqawi built is "not connected" to Al-Quaeda?

They just don't give up with the semantics, do they????

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