Sunday, August 26, 2007

Goths at Disney: Turning Rebellion Into Money...

Original LA Weekly Story here. Quotes from that article:

Despite Fastpasses and supplies of $3 churros, there is plenty of time to kill in line as we stand among the goths, leaving ample opportunity for contemplation. How young is too young to start dressing your child as a goth?
Is it bad form to run up to goths and snap their picture without asking, lest your digital photo inadvertently steal their immortal souls?
How does one maintain the requisite deathly white pallor in this relentless California sun?
(Judging by a good many, one doesn't). The author goes on:

Sure, I was a poser goth in high school. I shared black eyeliner with my boyfriend and read Rilke and Oscar Wilde. I listened to Siouxsie and the Banshees and the Smiths (who are arguably not goth) and the Cure (who are inescapably goth). But I was never able to sufficiently answer any of these questions.
Last year I was at the Magic Kingdom, not on this "Bats Day", and there were quite a few gothy kids around, riding the Haunted Mansion and the Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror over at the adjacent California Adventure Theme Park.

According to one of the park employees I spoke to, Disneyland officials at first tried to discourage the goths, but then decided to cater to them, with a gift shop the specialized in Goth paraphenalia and items. As well as hiring a Goth or two to work at the ride. That's not a Goth visitor, that's a park employee:
And why not? These people have kids too, future Disney customers:
And are these not family values? Fathers, Mothers and sons and daughters:

Although I could never go all out like that (I had a job to hold down and night school to go to, and I still have a day job to hold down now), I always liked and still do like these people. And I too still often wear black on the outside, because that is how I feel on the inside. And if I seem a little strange, well, that's because I am...

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