Saturday, December 30, 2006

"Ghost Riding The Whip" -- Multicultural Driving at its finest!

And I thought drunk driving was a big enough problem. Let's hear it for Multicultural Diversity in Driving:

"Ghost riding the whip" a stunt in which a driver gets out of his car and dances around and on top of the slowly moving vehicle to a thumping hip-hop beat has gotten at least two people killed, led to numerous injuries and alarmed police on the West Coast and beyond.

A fad among devotees of a West Coast strain of hip-hop music called "hyphy," the stunt has been celebrated in song and performed in numerous homemade videos posted on YouTube.

"It did not take Einstein to look at this thing and say this was a recipe for disaster," said Pete Smith, a police spokesman in Stockton. "We could see the potential for great injury or death."

Earlier this month, Davender Gulley, a ghost-riding 18-year-old, died after his head slammed into a parked car while he was hanging out the window of an SUV in Stockton, police said.

Davender Gulley? I have met many wonderful people in the Indo-American communities, Hindu, Sikh and Christian alike. It saddens me to think THEIR kids are getting caught up in this too?

Here is a YouTube clip of some jackass doing this.

At least these guys have the sense to use an empty parking lot.

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